Charity Masks

Mask Wearing. Let’s be honest. It’s new to all of us. Charity Fundraising, not so much. And if anything good has come out of lockdown, it’s Charity Masks, which cleverly combines the two.

With the recent government announcement that masks are now compulsory in all UK shops, demand for masks is on the increase. Enter Charity Masks! We realise there’s a need for protective masks and quickly. People are busy. There’s not always time to place an order from a healthcare supplier online or trawl the shops when supplies are low or you’d rather be at home.

Charity masks are readily available now, in shops, garages, petrol stations and a multitude of other retail and dining outlets. Pick one up, pop one on. It’s that simple. If you’re avoiding public spaces during these times, Charity Masks vending machines have also been set up with the idea of keeping contact to a minimum. (more information about our vending machines coming soon)

Who are we?

We’re proud to be the North East’s first supplier of Charity Masks, where all proceeds go to our not-for-profit organisation, Clothe & Feed.

Charity Masks has been launched with two purposes in mind; Firstly, to supply a product that’s needed right here, right now and secondly; to raise much needed funds for those in our local communities.

You can read about our charity here.

Here's how we go further

Each and every single mask bought is akin to making a donation to charity. The sale of a mask generates much needed funds for Clothe & Feed, our local charity, helping to reduce clothing and food poverty. Buying one of our masks means that while you look after your own well being, you’re also supporting the well being of those who use our services. Win/Win.

Our Masks

Our volunteers have worked tirelessly to develop a collection which offers an element of fun in difficult times. Goodbye to a flimsy hospital style covering. Hello to a mask that reflects your personality. There’s one for each of us. Plain, stripey, spotty, dotty. You can even play matchy masky with your friends if that’s your thing!

Our Approach

Inspired by point of sale charity sweet boxes, Charity Masks follow the model of being instantly available. One quick purchase when you’re buying your coffee or petrol and you’re covered. And while the counter top sweets are a ‘nice to have’, face masks are now deemed ‘need to have’. As the requirement for ppe shifts towards being compulsory, then it’s better to be prepared.

Charity Masks. The choice for those who care.

Why shouldn’t we embrace our new ways of living? Wear your Charity Mask with pride, safe in the knowledge that you’ve made a contribution to a good cause in doing so.
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